Infant nutrition consultation

A dietitian will answer your anxiety and worries about how to proceed with baby food and nutrition!

There are many things that you can realize the joy and happiness for the growth of your important children, but it is also full of anxiety and worries (especially in the case of first-time childcare).
Under such circumstances, our dietitian with a lot of experience in our hospital give you advice and answer on how to proceed with baby food from various anxiety and worries such as "don't eat", "swallowing" and "unbalanced in the diet" from nutrition side in our hospital.

"What about my child?" "If my child's case is...?" Are these you really want to know?

Now that the Internet has become common, it is easy to find out about a lot of troubles, concerns, and things you want to know with your smartphone or PC.
You can also see several sites like a child care Q & A.
You can share the troubles and questions that similar mothers/fathers are having, and there are countless pieces of information that can be useful in this age, with advice from senior moms and mom friends around the world.
But there are some troubles that cannot be solved. Why is that?

After all, what you really want to know is
"(What is the answer to my child's case?"
"(Is that a good way) to my child's case?"
It is not that the saying?

There is too much information, and you do not know which one is really correct...
even if you see a series of flows from the mom's worries in similar circumstances to the solution,
it's not clear that it applies to your child's case as it...

If so, why don't you talk directly to a nutrition expert?

"Drinking too much or too little milk?"
"Don't eat baby food ... Is it too much to eat?"
"I wonder if this is good to have the baby eat?"
For such worries, We will answer what you really wanted to know, such as "If your child is ...".

Summary of nutrition consultation

Event date Once a month
※ Please inquire about the monthly event date.
Consultation method It is a complete reservation system.
If you would like to attend, please come to the hospital or make a reservation after making an inquiry by phone.
Cost It is free of charge.
Main contents A nutritionist will answer the nutritional questions from parents.